Zero-Packaging Shops Could Start A Zero-Waste Revolution


Natural Weigh is a zero-waste shop that opened its doors to the residents of Crickhowell. The shop is filled with everything you need from pasta noodles, seeds, grains and even dried fruit. All of these food items are served in hoppers because they don’t come in plastic packaging.

Liquid and other detergent products are put in old refillable bottles. They also offer other environmentally-friendly products like bamboo toothbrush, dental floss and vegan snack pouches made of leather. All of these look very lovely on the shelf. When you enter the store, the displays are truly captivating you would want to give up your dependence on plastic packaging.

Concept stores like Natural Weigh is what experts call the silent revolution. Over the last two years, the call to minimize the use of plastic and save the environment has become stronger that it pushed to open more than 100 stores across the UK that offers the same kind of concept as that of the Natural Weigh. Is it possible for homes to become zero-waste? The shift to zero-waste management at home may not come easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.


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