You Won’t See Truly Great Leaders Engage In These 5 Behaviors


In the past eight years of writing this blog (with over 540 posts) and my own blog, and in my work as a career and executive coach and podcaster, I’ve had the opportunity to interview hundreds of inspiring and uplifting leaders, influencers, business and entrepreneurial experts, bestselling authors,  creatives, Pulitzer Prize and other award winners, and more. I’ve connected with men and women who lead in the most uplifting and enriching ways, demonstrating traits that bring people together to accomplish truly amazing things. I’ve seen that these people have a special manner in which they help us see and experience the highest vision of ourselves as well as the most positive and transformative view of the world around us. 

But I’ve also witnessed the opposite–people who lead through fear, manipulation, intimidation, cruelty, divisiveness, narcissism and deep insecurity. Both approaches will certainly work to shape people’s actions and beliefs, but only the first approach can actually bring about lasting positive change that is of benefit to all people involved (not just a select group who feed on the divisiveness and separation that the negative leader embodies).

Are you using keen discernment in terms of who you are following as a leader, in your life, work, family and beyond? If not, they’re shaping (and even hurting) you without your knowledge.

Analyzing behaviors of leaders today who are making a lasting positive change versus those who hurt people through their leadership, I’ve seen there are five key behaviors that truly great and positive leaders will never allow themselves to engage in. 

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