What we may do to make printpackhub.com even better?

Every day we search among thousands of stories in many hundreds of sources writing about printing and packaging.

Our aim is to serve You best, your opinion matters. 

Are you the reader? Please advise about your preferences to choose the best posts, sources, and ways we present texts from all over the world, to suit your needs best.

Are you a provider? Please let me know about your information policy, targets and goals and let us talk about how to give your customers and our readers’ most valuable service, this what they really need, what and how they prefer to be informed.

Some facts about printpackhub.com:

– on the market for a few months – still a newborn baby ?

– already ca. 1500 posts

– over 700 categories

– over 300 suppliers, 150 printing/packaging firms and 100 organizations, institutes, fair and conference vendors from 60 countries and multi countries

– already reaching 1000 new, unique, very professional, top-level decision-makers per month, and this number is still growing – some numbers about who is reading – from Poland 494, USA 242, UK 97, Germany 72, China 54…

– posts highly viewed – see the pictures (futured foto and below) showing reactions on one of them shared by me on LinkedIn – over 500 views in 3 working days, recommended and forwarded by top-managers

Artur Dziedzic, Publisher, CEO


some statistics…