Machines for sale – directly from reputable printing house

SOMA with 2 knurling rollers (worm and needle roller)
Two die-cutting machines (fi 75.5 mm and fi 95.5 mm)

ELKON machine for testing and welding of aluminum flakes – complete for free if purchased all together.

The total price is about 69,000 Euro net / 300,000 PLN net. The price does not include VAT 23%. Negotiation possible.

The machine and equipment are from 2009. They are fully functional, were used only a few years and made just over 15 million strokes on both cutters and knurls. The printing house withdrew from aluminum production.

According to the priting house info, the new punch is EUR 95,000 with a standard knurling roller + a second additional EUR 10.00 + 2 pcs of EUR 15,000 = EUR 135,000

Direct sales from: Natalii Ltd.

Tel: +48 501186060

62-090 Rokietnica, 39 Golędzińska St. Poland