Unicorr Acquires the Most Sophisticated Corrugated Direct Print Flexographic Press in the Northeast


Unicorr’s Göpfert six-color, high board line rotary die cutter significantly improves the efficiency and quality of flexographic printing for its customers

Unicorr Packaging Group has begun operation on a new Göpfert Evolution HBL press, the most sophisticated corrugated, direct print flexographic press in the Northeast.

Located at Connecticut Container Corp. in North Haven, CT, the Göpfert is complete with state of the art features such as auto-registration that enables production of lithographic quality printing on corrugated. Not only does the machine have best-in-class print quality, it is a best-in-class production machine. It produces up to 10,000 sheets an hour and its multi-directional bundle breakers maximize the number of items per sheet, increasing machine efficiency. It allows the operator to set up unused print stations while the press is running, which reduces setup time.

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