Ubisoft Opens Its Own Art Gallery For Fans To Decorate Their Walls


Ubisoft just opened a new online art store that lets fans buy high-quality art of its games to decorate their homes or offices. If you’ve ever wanted a huge canvas print of your favorite Assassin’s Creed protagonist or a framed piece of concept art from the gorgeous Child of Light, your wish has come true.

The new section of the Ubisoft Store is called the Ubisoft Art Gallery. The idea behind its creation is to call attention to the beautiful art behind Ubisoft’s many game worlds. Particularly, the concept art that never gets to make an appearance once the worlds are turned into computer-generated graphics.

“Our creative teams and studios create so many pieces of amazing art for our games that often never gets seen. We wanted to share their talents and bring our fans closer to our worlds by offering them access to these pieces and to proudly display them in their homes,” said, Jean Gauvin, Senior Creative Director of Consumer Products.

More: https://www.thegamer.com/ubisoft-art-gallery-concept-store/

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