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Take a look how easy is to read it in any place and any time. Stick it to the main screen of you mobile device – you will see the PrintPackHub icon – just use menu (3 dots ) and: in Firefox – “Page > Add Page Shortcut” ; in “Chrome – Add” to Home screen; in Opera – “Home screen”; Using Samsung Internet Browser tap 3 lines in right bottom part and than “+ Add page to”, than choose “Home screen”

The structure of the mobile version is a little different from our desktop website, but you’ll find how easy and similar it is to use in just a couple of minutes. Mobile version is made with reading news “on the go” rather than browsing business partners or suppliers, however it is still possible – the upper menu is available where you see three lines on the left upper corner – font will increase in size a bit when you scroll the black menu up or down, but don’t worry – this is a feature placed to ease choosing whatever you’re looking for.

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