This Online Retailer Takes First Prize for the Greenest Packaging, Study Finds


Looks like this is the place to online shop if you’ve got Planet Earth top of mind (plus how to do your part to recycle all that cardboard and packaging, no matter where you buy online).

If online shopping makes you feel guilty because each order seems to arrive with an excess of wasteful cardboard and packing materials, consider where you shop the most. Some major retailers are more committed than others to minimizing waste and propagating sustainability with their packaging methods and materials—and a new study reveals which one is the most environmentally friendly of all.

US Packaging & Wrapping LLC put three major online retailers—Amazon, Target, and Walmart—to the test to see which company is doing the best job cutting back on packaging materials. To compare each company, U.S. Packaging & Wrapping ordered the same five products from each retailer. After the arrival of each package, they weighed it, measured the “void gap” (the distance between the product and its postal packaging), and scrutinized the packaging materials used. So who tends to leave the smallest footprint, waste-wise? In the end, the study concluded,“[Of the three, Amazon has the lowest amount of packaging waste.” 

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