Thinking about the box Is thinking outside the box


Thinking outside the box has often made a business successful

But thinking about the box is the wave of the future for a world drowning in a sea of packaging waste.

“What’s inside the box is about you but the box belongs to the world you live in,” said Harbinder Singh Sewak, a Canadian entrepreneur who has launched an inspiring, innovative and individualized gift box program out of Vancouver called

Of South Asian origin, Sewak got the inspiration after a family friend invited him to his daughter’s wedding.

As per tradition, the wedding invitation was accompanied by a gift box of Indian sweets.

“The paper box was flimsy and the lining was oily…it could not be recycled and there was the wedding invitation card attached to it,” said Sewak.

“I thought to myself there must be millions of such boxes going out every day and eventually ending up in our oceans and landfills..what if the whole packaging was made biodegradable and recyclable.”


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