Sustainable fashion: how Chinese brands are going green with the help of Shaway Yeh, founder of consulting agency YehYehYeh


  1. She started the conversation about sustainable fashion in China – now she’s helping to effect change from the top down
  2. Shaway Yeh believes that China is playing a leading role in promoting sustainability in fashion

Chinese fashion brands are going green with the help of Shaway Yeh, the founder of creative sustainability consulting agency YehYehYeh. Photo: Jiaqi Bi

Like many editors working in luxury publishing, Shaway Yeh began to feel disillusioned with the direction the fashion industry was taking. For 12 years, Yeh was the editorial director of Modern Weekly, one of China’s most influential lifestyle magazines.

Her aha moment happened four years ago, when she took part in a panel discussion at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, a sustainability-focused conference in Denmark.

“I saw so many important people talking about sustainability and, like many others who start learning about it, I was quite shocked because there were so many things I didn’t know about fashion and the negative impact it has. So it was like a wake-up call,” says Taiwan-born Yeh when we meet her in Shanghai, where she has lived for almost two decades.

After the summit, Yeh decided to assign an editor a weekly column on fashion and sustainability, back when almost nobody – especially in China – was paying attention to the impact of fashion on the environment.

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