Streaming Roadshow, after Turkey, next stop in the UK on November 11. Register now!


Machines manufacturers, printers, converters and brand owners on sustainability and industry 4.0. After the success of the first stop in Turkey, the Streaming Roadshows go to the UK.

The next appointment is for Wednesday November 11 to reinforce the connection between Italy and the UK, which have a historically close relationship, that now needs to be strengthened even further in a post-Brexit perspective, to maintain the dialogue between these two countries and their production systems in the printing, packaging and converting supply chain.

The Roadshows will also stop in Egypt (December 10) and Algeria (December 16).
The first stop in Turkey on November 4 saw over 150 registrations, not only from Italy and Turkey, but from the entire EMEA area, a sign of constant global interest in shared solutions within the supply chain, on the topics of sustainability and industry 4.0

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