Stephen Treacy talks about a boost in recycling rates for packaging waste


Do you come home from shopping, unpack your bags and spend quite a bit of time sorting and binning all plastic and cardboard that our produce is wrapped in? While many of us are fairly particular about recycling (though there’s always room for improvement), statistics show that levels of waste from packaging continue to be high, and we’re not always keeping pace in terms of recycling.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has this week published information about waste packaging management in 2017. The figures indicate that the generation of waste packaging – including glass, paper, plastics and wood – remained high in 2017. In addition, while recycling rates were high for some waste streams, including glass and wood, recycling levels have leveled off over the last number of years.

Stephen Treacy who is a Senior Scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spoke to us on the program about what you can continue recycling habits.

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