“So why don’t we try this for a change”


With creative hardcover and softcover solutions, Germany’s leading book producer Kösel has made a name for itself beyond national borders as an innovation leader. As this Muller Martini blog’s guest author, Managing Partner Erik Kurtz, who was named German Printer Manager of the Year in 2016, explains the 425-year-old company’s recipe for success and is confident that printed books will continue to play out their strengths in the future. 

“How is it that your company has been honored as German Book Printer of the Year several times already and regularly wins awards for the best books of the year in several countries,” I am occasionally asked. The answer to that question has many aspects, of course. But there is one point that is especially important to me: A special feature of our company is that all of us enjoy doing special things. We’re not like other companies, where a special request or a unique solution makes everyone say: “Oh no, don’t come to me with that. It’s much too complicated and will only disrupt our processes and our rigid procedures.” We think the exact opposite.

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