Securing Cyber Communication


Today’s cyber security measures will not stand a chance when quantum computing technology matures, leaving our online information vulnerable. However, an upcoming cryptography technique will usher in a new age of secure online communication.

Each year, cyber-attacks on businesses increase. The average time it takes for a company to detect a breach is six months, by which time valuable data has been stolen.

Encryption is one method that’s regularly used to protect and securely pass information online. This method relies on secret keys to encrypt and decrypt information as it’s passed between two parties. A key is just a series of numbers, which is shared between the sender and the receiver of the information. But if a hacker can decipher the key, they can decrypt this information.

The best line of defense against hackers is to make the key very long and random. While today’s computers could theoretically figure out the key, it would take an unfeasible amount of time to do so.

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