Saving Energy: 5 CTP Technology Trends


One of the 5 CTP technology trends transforming prepress is that printers are doing whatever they can to save energy, both for cost reasons and environmental reasons.

Here’s what’s happening and how Kodak can help you keep up and get ahead:

TREND #3: Saving Energy

Businesses are looking to save energy wherever they can, and the prepress room is no exception. Here are some ways that printers are reducing energy consumption in prepress:

  • Upgrading to energy-efficient equipment
  • Switching to printing plates that don’t require ovens, not only eliminating the energy used by the ovens, but also reducing the need for air conditioning
  • Removing plate processing equipment altogether by switching to process free plates
  • Turning off lights when areas aren’t in use
  • Upgrading lighting where possible to LED bulbs

Kodak is committed to helping our customers reduce environmental impact, and energy efficiency is a key objective for all new product development. Kodak’s latest TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters use up to 43% less power while imaging than our previous models and up to 93% less than platesetters from other manufacturers. They are the perfect solution for printers who want to have the most energy-efficient operation.

Learn more about power savings with KODAK Platesetters

This is Trend #3 in our series of 5 CTP Technology Trends. If you missed our previous emails, you can read about them on our blog:

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