Ricoh and Elixirgen Scientific leverage bioprinting to improve drug discovery


Japanese electronics company Ricoh is furthering its stake in the biomedical and bioprinting sectors with a new partnership with Elixirgen Scientific, Inc., a Baltimore-based biotech company that specializes in stem cell technology.

Together, Ricoh and Elixirgen Scientific will leverage their respective knowledge in bioprinting and stem cell technology to develop new biomedical products and services for drug discovery applications which will be based on cell differentiation. The ambitious partnership seeks to grow the biomedical business into a 20-billion-yen ($1.96 billion) business by 2025.

Though it is not primarily known as a bioprinting company, Ricoh has developed a novel bioprinting platform that leverages its 40-year-running inkjet head technology. The bioprinting process is capable of precisely printing cells (and specifically induced pluripotent stem cells) into a 3D structure for tissue regeneration, drug discovery and other medical research applications.

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