Reinvention with Scodix Digital Printing Proves to Be Award Worthy


The printing space is one that has seen a lot of change in the past few years, especially in digital printing. The technology continues to evolve, as does the quality and possibilities of the finished product. That change can be seen in our own developments and announcements here at Scodix, like that of the latest Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202—of which, we recently discussed the market changing affordability of the Scodix Ultra 101 here on our Scodified blog.

Like the market, we find that our clients are also looking to change in order to keep up with the needs of their customers and find new routes to growing markets. Some of them look at it as a reinvention of their business. This is exactly how our client StoneHouse Marketing Services looked at it when they evaluated their business earlier this year.

If you aren’t familiar with StoneHouse Marketing Services, they are a company based out of Norman, Oklahoma and were founded in 1995. Their original offering was the manufacturing of Teslin® loyalty cards and key tags that many of us have probably used in conjunction with loyalty programs from top retail brands. From there they have continued to expand into Variable Data Printing (VDP), affixing and packaging and direct mail with a reputation for focusing on quality and innovative print finishing for impactful finish products.

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