Quantum computing will break net security; Cloudflare wants to fix it


The internet infrastructure company is joining Google’s effort to find the best post-quantum encryption algorithm.

Quantum computing can be baffling, but one effect of this evolving technology is pretty easy to grasp: It threatens to blow up the encryption that protects internet communications and lets you do things like shop online without thieves stealing your credit card number. Now internet infrastructure company Cloudflare has joined an effort to come up with new “post-quantum” algorithms that’ll extend today’s security protections.

Cloudflare has begun testing new encryption technology in partnership with Google Chrome to try to figure out what’s most practical in the real world. And it’s released an open-source software package called CIRCL — the Cloudflare Interoperable Reusable Cryptographic Library — to let it and anyone else evaluate post-quantum encryption progress.

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