Find the best partner in the printing or packaging industry

Our new portal is created to help you and your clients in establishing and maintaining contacts, searching for the company whose offer meets your expectations .

It is created for:

– managers od printing and packaging companies
– members of the purchasing department of brand owners and other clients of the printing and packaging industry
– representatives of producers and suppliers offering products and services for companies operating in the printing and packaging industry

This is a presentation of:

This are:

This is the home page on the computer:

On mobile devices, the portal works in an equally convenient and sometimes even better way – e.g. searching for a company’s location and finding a route to it, you don’t need to send the route anywhere – just start the navigation.

The top blue menu bar (on mobile devices, the menu has 3 horizontal bars on the right and the menu under business cards) there are links to pages where we can find:
1. Printing houses, packaging producers
2. Suppliers of machines, devices and software for printing plants and packaging producers – this is a expandable menu item where you will find suppliers:

3. Material suppliers
4. Service providers for polygraphy and packaging
5. Services for printing machines and equipment and for packaging production

An example of a menu for mobile devices can be seen by clicking on the 3 menu bars on the computer:

LinkedIn symbols transfer to the publisher’s profile vidart and the Print Partner group he created many years ago. The portal logo always moves to the home page.

The red button takes us to our second new portal – an information portal, worldwide, in English, aggregating the most interesting news from thousands of websites, not just polygraphs selected for managers of our industry around the world.

Below is the second menu, on a gray background, pointing to the leading companies of our industry operating in Poland and a link to the Print Partner publication – excellence in printing, where these companies were presented – although these are descriptions from a few years ago, but they can tell a lot about the excellence of these companies.

There you will also find a link to “Portal’s information policy”. Generally, we do not collect any personal data, this is only a B2B portal, but we respect your privacy and the right to information in every field and at any time.

Welcome content is designed to help people who find the portal directly.

I encourage you to check whether your company is on and whether its description is correct and complete, whether the current profile of your company is as saved on the portal – if you need to add or correct anything, please contact com using the classification and terminology used on this portal.

Below are the business cards of the companies in alphabetical order, and above them, there is an alphabetical menu.
On the right (on mobile devices at the bottom of the page) there are colorful buttons that allow you to send information using the tools shown by the icons (of course, the condition for their operation is to log in to the device that we use in the appropriate application, e.g. WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc.

On the right, in the side panel you will find a copy of the main menu in expanded form:

List of PrintPackHUB categories with the number of entries in a given category, this is a drop-down list, after clicking on the category, subcategories will appear

List of recently added entries and a list of recently changed entries.

Clicking on the name of such a company or simply the name of a company on a business card, we will go to a page where you will be able to use the extended address and contact information, information about categories from this company’s offer and location on the map.

It is also possible to use the place names and the zip code on business cards – after clicking on these texts we will get a selection of companies from e.g. Łódź or with such a zip code.

By clicking on the marker on the map you will be able to set a route that you can plan on your computer and send to your phone, and when we use on a mobile device immediately go to navigation.

It is worth noting that the phone numbers are interactive – by clicking on them on the smartphone we will be able to connect without having to copy the number.

The footer of the portal contains vidart contact details, links to our websites and the elements described above, located on the side panel of the portal.

After moving from the welcome page to one of the pages from the main menu (Printing Works, Packaging Manufacturers, and Suppliers of Printing and Packaging Machines) we see the screen:

Here, we can choose one of the product categories which contractors we are looking for or several categories if we are looking for a company that will produce several products at the same time – e.g. a book printing house, which will simultaneously make a box for packaging the publication and may still print some promotional materials for a promotional event, publication, business cards, etc.

We can search for companies from all over Poland or from a selected region – then enter the zip code of our location for the radius (in km) in which we accept the location of the contractor.

You can also search for companies by company name or keyword (city name, street, code or part of it …)

We proceed similarly when searching for machine suppliers, material suppliers, service or service providers.

An example of the presentation of leading companies (second menu, a gray bar under the logo of the portal: