Printing Muted or Subtle Colors On a Matte Paper That Really Stands Apart


As we’ve been discovering over the past few months, there are many options and choices when it’s time to print your artwork. Today’s paper is a rock star when it comes to unique yet subtle texture and really works wonders with your muted color palettes, so let’s check it out.

Today, I’m looking at the Kozo 110 in the Moenkopi Washi line from Moab, and let me first say that this is a paper choice that really stands out. If you’ll recall in a previous article, I covered another entry in the Moenkopi series, the Unryu 55, and was both impressed and drawn to its bold and stand-out texture. In many ways, the Kozo is similar yet also quite different which offers us yet another unique paper

The Kozo is a matte paper, complete with a fresh look and feel that stems from being made of mulberry fibers (these papers genuinely have a pretty amazing feel to them when you run your fingers over the surface). One key difference between the Kozo and the Unryu is that the Unryu preserves the long-fiber look, which leads to a much more prominent and random textured pattern. The Kozo immediately made me think of old-school graphic novels or wall scrolls, as there is a beautiful, muted quality to this paper that’s great if you’re not needing your colors or blacks to appear particularly saturated and rich. The Kozo also has a bit of a grainy appearance to it, which is great if you’re okay with a subtle “noise” appearance on the print.


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