Park Press Printing Helps Increase Sales with Loyal Card Mailers


Loyal card mailers play an essential role in enhancing one’s business as well as increasing sales.

Loyalty cards can be an invaluable asset to one’s business. According to a recent study, three-quarters of American consumers are now signed onto a loyalty scheme. With its incredible features and mass appeal, it can significantly increase one’s sales. According to the latest research, the footfall and redemption rates dramatically shoot up whenever loyalty card mailers are sent out. A mailer at the right time can help in growing a more significant membership base since it can persuade the cardholders to become actively involved.

One can also target the best customers using a loyalty card database. It can also be useful in targeting the most profitable customers and making the brand visible to the customers. The key to the success of loyal card mailers is to get the customers’ attention and then have them act on the offer. Nothing works better than a loyalty card mailer created with thorough research. This is where Park Press Printing stands apart from others.

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