Packaging Customers Can’t Resist with the Opportunity for a Personal Touch


Think about all the packages you get. What makes a package memorable for you…is it the color or perhaps some type of finish on it that makes it shiny? It is no secret that when you combine sensory experiences that our human instincts naturally gravitate to wanting to be a part of it or perhaps own it. What some printers might not know is the possibilities and opportunities a Scodix digital printing press could print to their packaging offering. Moreover, if you are a commercial printer, you could be expanding your business in an easy to implement and manageable way.

During this year’s Hunkeler Innovationdays, Debroah Corn—the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse—interviewed our very own Nigel Tracey. Nigel is the Head of Packaging at Scodix and shares during this PMCpodcasts from the Printerverse how Scodix is creating opportunities for their customers.

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