New Millets store to open near Edgware


A new branch of the Millets chain that specialises in outdoor equipment is set to open not far from Edgware at the beginning of next month.

The latest Millets store will be situated on the High Street in Barnet, close to Edgware, and it will be replacing The Living Style Furniture Company. Millets already has more than 100 outlets at locations all over the UK and has built a nationwide brand as a provider of high grade outdoors clothing and equipment for people of all ages.

Those who visit will find rucksacks, walking boots and shoes, tents and waterproof jackets among other items aimed at outdoors enthusiasts. The store is set to create jobs for 10 people from the local area, including sales assistants and a store manager.

There will also be a range of customer service options, such as one for fitting boots and shoes and kiosks where customers can browse and order items featured on the website. Flyer printing services are sometimes used to provide leaflets that new shops can use for promotional purposes.

Paul Randles from Millets told the London Post:

“This is one of a number of stores we are planning to open this year and we are particularly happy to become a key part of the Barnet retail scene and overall community.”

It will be opening on May 4th.


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