New Baltoro HF Inkjet Press from Xerox


The new Baltoro HF InkJet Press from Xerox is the first press in its class to leverage automated intelligence and deliver HD image quality.

Xerox is making a huge push in inkjet technology with its new Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press. The cut-sheet production press allows users to print high-volume, transactional work and high-quality direct mail and catalogs on a single press. This is the first Xerox product utilizing this platform.

The core of the Baltoro is innovation, as it is the only press in the entry-level class to use automated intelligence to optiomize and maintain color and image quality. It can also self-correct in real-time. The automated intelligence coupled with High Fusion ink and Xerox High Fusion W-Series Inkjet Heads deliver ture HD 1200 by 1200 DPI image quality without the need to condition media with priming solutions or precoats. This reduces press size, power consumption, and ultimately total cost of ownership with an increased ROI.

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