Miraclon – the new home of Kodak Flexcel


Kodak’s divestment of its flexo division has given rise to a new independent company called Miraclon. However, the flexo products that the new company develops and sells will continue to carry the Kodak Flexcel branding. Formed by the sale of Kodak’s Flexographic Packaging Division to Montagu, a leading private equity firm, Miraclon is a new and instantly global company with over 300 employees, since it has acquired Kodak’s innovative flexo R&D team and manufacturing operations in the US and Japan.

Miraclon will concentrate fully on the development, production and sale of its Kodak Flexcel Solutions including the flagship Flexcel NX system. Under Montagu’s ownership, the company says it is in a great position to leverage the strengths of the former Kodak flexo business, that include an experienced team, a strong patent portfolio and the trusted Kodak brand. With renewed focus, agility and investment to support customers throughout the world, the new company intends to further strengthen its role as a technology innovator and enabler of change to continue to transform flexo as a premium printing process for packaging.


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