Metsä Board joins 4evergreen – a new alliance promoting fibre-based packaging in circular economy


Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, is one of the founding members of the new 4evergreen industry alliance together with other members of CEPI, the European association representing the paper industry.

The new alliance aims to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging in a circular and sustainable economy that minimises climate and environmental impact.

4evergreen was created as a forum to engage and connect industry members from across the fibre-based packaging value chain, from paper and board producers to packaging converters, brand-owners and retailers, technology and material suppliers, waste sorters and collectors.

“Extensive, global collaboration is essential in promoting circular economy and combating climate change. Together we can utilise the full potential of fibre-based packaging and provide solutions based on renewable raw materials for packaging of the future,” says Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board.