Megatrends and packaging design


Global experts in packaging design shared the six megatrends impacting the industry at the conference ‘Packaging Design: How the Consumer Changes Your Business’.

The event was moderated by Uwe Melihar, President of the European Association of Branding and Packaging Design (EPDA), and Managing Partner of brand agency Factor (Hamburg). The conference’s partner was the Association of Branding Companies of Russia.

Renne Angelvuo, Founder of WINWIN Design, presented the trend of urbanisation. In his report, he cited urbanisation statistics and the case of China, which was largely rural 30 years ago but has developed rapidly to become overwhelmingly urban. This global urbanisation trend is set to change the way we grow and produce food and consequently the way we package it.

China already has many eco-cities, and vertical, multi-tiered farms for growing vegetables and grain crops are being built all over the world.

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