Meech uses ITMA debut to present huge range of static control and web cleaning solutions to the garment and textile technology industry


At its first appearance at the world’s premier garment and textile technology exhibition, Meech will use its stand (H8.1 – A201) to demonstrate, to the show’s thousands of visitors, its proven track record of solving a range of static and cleaning related issues in textile production.

“Static can pose challenges to any textile manufacturer,” says Adam Battrick, Sales Director at Meech. “But where synthetic fibres are concerned its effect is even greater, so as synthetic textiles continue to grow as a proportion of the overall market, the need for more robust static control solutions will grow with them. Furthermore, with textile technology leading to an ever-increasing variety of wearable technology applications, the potential for static to arise and cause significant problems is greater still. Meech’s expertise in managing static-related issues in production environments is unrivalled and we’re delighted to be sharing some of the many solutions we have developed over the years at ITMA this year.”

Some of the most common static-related challenges faced within the industry include issues arising in the extruding and slitting process to produce synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene, as well as range of other problems like warping or beaming, carding, raising and calendaring. Beyond textile manufacture, printing and inspection processes can also generate static and a variety of associated problems, from quality concerns, to damaged machinery and potentially issues around operator safety.

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