McDonald’s Announces It’s Switching McFlurries and Salads to Plastic-Free Pots This September


McDonald’s has announced that it’s switching out plastics for sustainable packaging options, overhauling McFlurry pots and salad boxes to cut its plastic waste by 485 metric tonnes every year.

McFlurries will retain their giant plastic spoons for now though, as the McFlurry-making process involves attaching them to the machine that deposits the topping onto the ice cream, but the restaurant is looking at alternatives to meet its target of serving all food in recycled or renewable packaging by 2025. So to all of those people whinging about the plastic spoons on Twitter, calm down; it’s only a matter of time before we get soggy paper spoons to go with our soggy paper straws, and then you’ll have something new to piss and moan about.

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