Look inside the 3D-printed Mars home that NASA awarded $500,000


  • AI SpaceFactory’s “Marsha” Mars home won NASA’s 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge.
  • Compared to other designs, Marsha looks downright luxurious.It has multiple floors, spacious living quarters, and plenty of windows to gaze upon the Martian horizon.
  • Designers used key materials in the structure that are also found on the Martian surface, such as basalt.
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  • When you think of future Martian habitats, what do they look like? A squat, half buried, windowless dome? A glorified fallout shelter? Or … how about … this? This is Marsha. Designed by AI SpaceFactory. It has windows, multiple floors, private rooms, and even a skylight. But best of all? NASA loves it…

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