Link3D introduces True Shape Nesting build simulation software tool


Link3D launched True Shape Nesting capabilities to its suite of additive manufacturing software features at last week’s RAPID + TCT.

True Shape Nesting is an advanced feature inside Link3D’s Build Simulation software. This software platform is used for auto-quoting, production planning, and machine scheduling within additive manufacturing workflows, and estimates production time and material usage based on data retrieved from hundreds of 3D printing systems.

The new nesting tool has been designed for users of selective laser sintering and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, aiding them in finding the best nesting strategy based on part shapes. Customers of Link3D will now be able to adjust True Shape Nesting to orient parts in the Z axis.

The company believes the True Shape Nesting feature will help users to plan processes and contribute to more efficient manufacturing workflows. 

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