Lightning Labels Expands New Eco-Friendly Product Suite Introducing CleanFlake Labels


Food and beverage makers that want to score points with environmentally conscious customers now have eco-friendly labeling that makes recycling easier than ever. Lightning Labels introduces CleanFlake Labels by Avery Dennison, a new earth-friendly label technology that cuts waste and improves PET recycling. CleanFlake labels are the latest addition to Lightning Labels’ eco-friendly labels product suite.

Traditional pressure-sensitive product labels make it more difficult to recover sufficient resin acceptable for food-grade rPET because leftovers from the adhesive, ink and facestock contaminate the ground-up PET flakes during recycling. This not only affects supply and demand, but it also drives up recycling costs.

Eco-friendly labels like our new CleanFlake labels changes all that, dramatically increasing reclamation rates. Up to 100% of a PET container can now be manufactured using recycled rPET. Plus, there is no limit to the number of times this material can be recycled and reused. CleanFlake-labeled PET bottles and thermoform containers are a new way for consumers to help bring about a greener, healthier and more sustainable planet.

How CleanFlake Labels Works
With CleanFlake labels adhesive technology, the unique water-based adhesive labels stick to the container to the end of its life cycle but separate cleanly during recycling. In other words, the label – ink and all – peels off from the container without any residue or contamination. What this means for recyclers is that more PET items can now successfully go through the recycling stream, specifically the sink/float washing process.

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