Landa says six nano presses in Aus within three years


Landa chief executive Yishai Amir says the company is looking at installing half a dozen of its Nano presses in Australia within the next three years.

Speaking at an open house event at the firm’s first European beta installation of its S10 carton press – at German folding carton printer Edelmann – Amir showed the company’s expected install base in three years. While Europe, Japan, Korea and North America dominated the projection, Australia also featured, with two S10 sheetfed carton presses, two S10P perfecting sheetfed presses, and two W10 flexible packaging presses in the company’s vision for down under.

The gestation for the Landa nano press technology has been slower than expected. First launched at drupa 2012 CEO Benny Landa promised digital printing at offset quality, at offset speeds, on offset stocks. Some 400 printers including several from Australia stumped up $10,000 each for a place in the queue. By drupa 2016 the company was talking about putting its presses into beta sites, which has been happening for the S series sheetfed presses for the past 18 months.

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