Konica Minolta to drive automated visual inspection business


Acquisition of Eines Systems, Spain-based leading company, will enhance growth in auto visual inspection for automotive industry

Konica Minolta’s sensing business offers various products and solutions in the fields of light source colour measurement and object colour measurement based on the optical technologies developed in its former camera business and continually refined thereafter.

The products and solutions offered by Konica Minolta contribute to improving quality and productivity at customers’ manufacturing sites. As the company has been expanding the business base in its core-competent ICT industry, consisting of products such as LCD displays and OLED screens, it has been driving, as part of its growth strategy, promotion of the development of technologies and products to meet automation needs in the automotive sector.

Eines Systems, as a leading technology company, has competitive edges in the mainstay business for providing automated quality inspection systems and solutions for automotive production process. The company highly excels in the customer-driven agile development for its global customer base.

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