It’s a material world Part 2: Tackling the plastics problem through package design


As a packaging designer, I began to feel a much larger responsibility for the damage being caused,” says Warren, who works at Equator Design’s Nottingham, England, office. At that point, she made a commitment to educate herself and others on the issue, while exploring potential solutions as part of her professional development.

She’s compiled some eye-popping figures:

  • Eighty percent of the litter finding its way into oceans is plastic, and a good deal of this is packaging materials
  • Forty percent of plastic is single-use
  • Plastic takes an average of 450 years to degrade in water, breaking up into microplastics, which are often mistaken for food by many marine species
  • Hundreds of marine mammals are killed each day by the ingestion of plastics

Now is the time to explore alternatives to plastics

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