Improve your bottom line – and have the environment thank you


Track’n’Trace – The triumph of the planned economy.

The fight against defects and overproduction enters the next round.

Honestly, isn’t it a shame that year after year entire forests are mowed down and processed into paper, only to be discarded as production waste in the end?

However, it is not so much environmental considerations that drive the fight against waste than economic optimization driven by lean manufacturing. Waste reduces added value, its elimination directly improves the bottom line.

Printing companies are struggling with two types of waste: overproduction and defective production. Overproduction is usually even intended. For many companies, it is their practice to prevent production underruns. In other words, overproduction is employed to preventively compensate losses down the production process. Defective production, on the other hand is, of course, undesirable. It results from misconceptions in production planning (goods produced by mistake) or due to glitches in the production process itself (defective or duplicate products).

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