Hejpix see order conversions surge as they replace self-developed solution with Taopix


Taopix, the long-standing leading provider of whitelabel personalisation and photo-gift software have announced that Hejpix have made the switch to Taopix from their self-developed platform.
“Hejpix was started in 2017 with the aim of providing high quality personalised and unique photo prints. We have become a lifestyle brand, providing a wide range of home décor items that enable our customers to purchase all their home interior products from one store. In our first two years we created and worked with our own photo editor. Our main concern was the time it took to develop new products. Maintaining your own software platform is also a very costly and time-consuming exercise. We also had a problem with slow picture upload speed which created a frustrating user journey.” Comments Simon Deliano, Product Manager at Hejpix.

“We knew we had to move away from our self-developed platform and started investigating other software solutions. We found that it was very difficult to find a solution that fit our business. A lot of what we found depended on work-around solutions in order to create our products like masks. We needed to work with a company who were experienced in the area of unique and personalised prints and that were developing for many other companies and not just ours. We also had a particular budget in mind and needed to find a provider that were able to provide what we needed whilst fitting our budget.
We researched companies who were already using Taopix and we found a few references that we really liked in the way they implemented Taopix into their shop front. We did some testing with the Taopix designer and found that the user experience on mobile and online was just as good as the desktop version. This is what led us to make the decision that Taopix was the right provider for us. Since switching over to Taopix, we’ve found that our conversion rates are much higher due to the easy to use Taopix editor and the excellent upload speeds of customer photos.” Continues Deliano.

“Having a lifestyle brand like Hejpix come on board with Taopix is a testament to the versatility of our platform. It has been a pleasure for us to work alongside Simon and his team to ensure that Hejpix were able to launch with very little delay. We have no doubt that Hejpix will continue to be a very successful and trusted brand and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them.” Says Steffen Haaga, Commercial Director at Taopix.
Hejpix are licensed Polaroid partners and offer a host of polaroid prints in different styles and sizes. The team also plan on adding a range of new products in the future to complement their current high-end offering. To see a comprehensive list of their current products, visit https://hejpix.com/en/

Taopix is the world’s leading personalisation and photo gifting white label e-commerce platform. With over 350 customers globally, they have the experience and knowledge to assist any sized business to launch their photo-gifting print business. For more information visit https://taopix.com

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