Fired Up: Meet the Kornit Vulcan Plus


Kornit’s Vulcan direct-to-garment print system was named a 2017 SGIA Product of the Year.

Since that time, Kornit has learned a great deal from our customers’ experiences printing literally millions of shirts. That knowledge informed development of our new Vulcan Plus system, available globally upon its launch at Impressions Expo 2020, January 17-19 in Los Angeles.

We’ve improved the stability and reliability of the Vulcan platform considerably, giving the customer improved uptime and utilization from his equipment, and thus lower overall cost of ownership. Vulcan Plus comes with our advanced NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid ink set for amazing print quality and handfeel, and is compatible with ColorGATE RIP software, which enables easy color matching, Pantone libraries, effects like semi-transparency and black knockouts, and PDF workflows.