drupa 2021 Essentials of Print: Assessments, Platforms, and Making Money with Workflow


The most expensive things you do in your printing plant every day involve talking to clients and physically touching their work. You talk to clients to better understand the work they want you to do, and you touch the work, in prepress or at other points in the process to ensure that the client’s intent is rendered on to the substrate. But every conversation and every touch has a financial impact.

While you rely on workflow tools to aid the process, in most companies there are also spreadsheets, whiteboards, and sticky notes used to gather and communicate information about the jobs-in-progress. It’s only natural! However, the more you talk and touch, the less money you make on the job

From printpackhub.com editor: In times of pandemic, special importance is given to everything that allows you to increase production efficiency, manage changes in processes in real-time, use machines in connection with customer decisions, delayed deliveries, or the absence of key employees. Appropriate tools are important, including MIS and MES, applications based on web tools, allowing you to view processes from anywhere and in relation to multiple locations of the company.

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