Digital Multi-Layer Converting Capabilities Explained


Should a single die station limit your ability to run work that requires multi-layer cutting? Absolutely not!  At Mark Andy, we specialize in solutions and we’re here to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Are you wondering how multi-layer cutting can this be done with one single die station? Take a look at the below images for a straightforward “how-to” to better maximize your short-run digital machine.


Our partners in the die manufacturing industry have mastered the science behind multi-level tool fabrication. You can purchase a single multi-level die that is capable of cutting to different layers of the web. Chief among the advantages that multi-level dies offer is the fact that you’re only purchasing a single die to do the work of two or more, which saves you money, time and storage space.

The die on top cuts the labels from the top while the die on the bottom simultaneously cuts the perf into the liner from the bottom. This method allows the operator to easily strip away the non-perforated waste matrix of the face material without having to worry about matrix breaks.

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