Data dilemma on collaborative platforms: Do you synchronise, or are you still sending?


Files are proliferating. Even small and medium sized enterprises handle large quantities of data. Data sharing now belongs to the daily work routine – as do the problems that go with it. A cloud based collaborative platform could provide a solution, provided you use the right tools. Job Wizards tell you what you have to know.

Your computer needs too long to start up. And you can’t connect to the network. You can’t get to your e-mails and your mouse battery is dead. There are so many IT barriers that can set your day back. All of them impede collaboration, but they can be prevented using the right technology.

But one big problem remains: data sharing. Even a lot of collaborative platforms that are designed as digital workplaces to make teamwork faster and more effective are not ready for Big Data. This is surprising, since data is now more valuable than gold. But we often overlook that in our daily work.

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