Coronavirus – simple, effective actions


Representatives of the government are trying to prevent the panic that could have damaging effects on both health and the economy. That’s good, but you can’t hide your head in the sand or even pretend to be an ostrich when we are standing on concrete.

Decisions about not organizing mass events, giving up dubious quality rest in the state of epidemics are very right.

You should use this time to spend it at home, do work for which there has been no time for a long time, arrange puzzles with children or grandchildren instead of taking them to a Tropical Island aquapark.
Employers should, where possible, organize or simply enable remote work, replace business trips or even trade fairs and conferences by teleconferencing.

The authorities should, like Japan, allow taking an extra school break that can be made up for during the summer holidays and introduce sick leave ordered by phone. To avoid their abuse, they should be preceded by a conversation, where the doctor determines if there are grounds for this, and the patient must reckon with undergoing full sanitary procedures, so it will not pay to lie for his own convenience, without compelling reasons.

These are just a few thoughts from this morning – but maybe the authorities, instead of calling a parliamentary session for plenary discussion as it is planed in Poland next week, should have taken such actions as described above long ago.

I wish you a lot of health
Artur Dziedzic

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