Coronavirus and book printing or machine sales


A time of pandemia that paralyzes our world is revolutionizing our lives – private and business.

Locked in homes during quarantine – imposed administratively or chosen by us – we change our actions and habits.

Remote work is something that can affect our comfort, but also the environment – fewer people moving means real financial and environmental savings, less smog, etc.

Time devoted to families can also give very interesting effects – it will strengthen great relationships or destroy weak ones.

It also creates business opportunities – Microsoft and Google, acting for the general good, but also (very clearly for their interests) they provide remote work tools for free.

Yesterday Empik (Polish retailer selling books) gave us a similar chance giving free (for 2 months) access to its premium services, including a powerful audio library and e-books.

Theoretically, it gave little – about 2 euros / month, but practically, if people use it and try how good listening to books with a good lector/reader (I am currently listening to the “Anger” of Zygmunt Miłoszewski, read by Robert Jarociński) can turn away from printed books or return to books from Netflix or Spotify embraces, though … why not use each of them according to the possibilities, needs, space, etc.

Some of you will find time to expand knowledge on portals such as PrintPackHub or get the money you need by selling unnecessary machines on – which I in turn encourage you to do.

Enjoy reading, enjoy experiencing how you can change your business, have a nice day

Artur Dziedzic

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