Continuous quality control reduces production costs for printed corrugated board


Leading supplier of corrugated packaging chooses ISRA print inspection technology.

At its production facility in Mannheim, DS Smith assures print quality with the CartonSTAR 100% inline inspection system from ISRA VISION, one of the world’s leading providers of surface inspection systems. The system reliably distinguishes between quality-relevant print errors and non-homogeneous textures on the corrugated board surface. Continuous quality and process control of the printed image also permanently reduces product costs and ensures that resources are used sustainably.

Printed corrugated board is becoming increasingly important as a packaging material –especially due to the rise in online retail, for which there is little alternative to corrugated packaging. The rapid growth of the sector is closely intertwined with this reliable packaging material.

DS Smith is one of the world’s leading suppliers of corrugated packaging. Headquartered in London, the company focuses on developing and producing sustainable packaging solutions in 37 countries. It employs more than 30.000 people globally. On the Mitsubishi EVOL100 production line, newly installed at the production facility in Mannheim, DS Smith produces various types of boxes and trays for food, technical products and hygiene items. These are then printed using flexographic printing.

In order to remain in line with the company’s own standards, printed image monitoring was needed. The installation of an inspection system is practically standard in the sector, making it an absolute necessity. Positive experiences from colleagues at the sister plant in Arnstadt drew the attention of DS Smith’s Packaging Division to ISRA.