Complex Living Tissue To Be 3D Printed Aboard ISS


Russian, American and Israeli scientists are working together to create the muscular tissue biomaterials that will be used to 3D print complex types of living tissue, including muscles and blood vessels, aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

This historic experiment is slated to take place in September and is part of a microgravity 3D bioprinting experiment. Leading the experiment is 3D Bioprinting Solutions, a Russian bio-technical research laboratory.

“In September, we will send muscular tissue cells (to the ISS),” Yusef Khesuani, a managing partner at 3D Bioprinting Solutions, said.

“We engage in this project jointly with two labs from U.S. and one from Israel. The Israeli colleagues will share their cattle biomaterials with us. Our U.S. colleagues will provide us with fish biomaterials, extracted from several types of fish.”

This company’s “Organ-Avt 3D bioprinter” will be used in experiments to print living tissue in space. This machine was delivered to the ISS in December 2018.

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