Canon commences sales of MPAsp-E903T FPD lithography equipment that achieves 1.2µm resolution and supports exposure of small- and mid-size high-definition displays


Canon Inc. announced today that the company has commenced sales of the MPAsp-E903T, a new flat panel display (FPD) lithography system that is capable of resolving 1.2µm (L/S) features across Generation 6 glass panels and supports the production of higher-definition next-generation small- and medium-size displays.

Along with the spread of organic LED (OLED) technology, as well as a trend toward high-definition for displays, the size of smartphone displays that are thin, lightweight and foldable are also becoming larger. Meanwhile, displays for such applications as VR are becoming smaller and more diversified. Canon’s new FPD lithography equipment helps meet the needs for even higher resolving power—essential for next-generation displays—and helps contribute to the production of a wide range of panels.