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Vidart is the publisher of the leading news portals and magazines for managers of the printing and packaging industry, helping you to be one step ahead of your competitors since 1991. is our printing and packaging news portal aggregating the most interesting information from around the world.

We select the news we present you from thousands of sources, not just industry-specific ones.

Find partner or customer in printing or packaging industries in Poland is the best database of information about companies operating in printing and packaging in Poland.

These modern, responsive portals help you build new business partnerships and broaden your industry-oriented expertise. is our site presenting the content of the unique publication “Print Partner – Excellence in the printing and packaging industry”. It contains reports, trends, interviews with global industry leaders, extensive presentations of the best and largest Polish plants.

I invite you to use them for the success of your company.

Artur Dziedzic, Publisher, Editor-in-chief

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