Biomass is Fuelling Recycling at Bryn Group


Even more cardboard and textile waste from Caerphilly is being recycled and reused thanks to high-temperature drying floors powered by biomass energy at the Bryn Group mixed recycling facility at Gelligaer in South Wales.

Wet cardboard and textiles such as carpets and mattresses cannot be easily reused and often end up being sent to neighbouring energy-from-waste facilities to be incinerated.

A biomass incinerator was first installed as an extension to the mixed recycling facility (MRF) in March 2017 but the exhaust flue needed to be extended that June to make the combustion more efficient and to aid the dispersal of emissions. While the initial installation was within ‘permitted development’, the extended flue required planning permission, so a retrospective application was made in January 2018.

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