5G: what becomes possible when data is 100 times faster than before


Mobile Internet is becoming increasingly important.

5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks, is making it an exciting subject for business in particular, because internal, secure campus networks for industry support new technologies like IoT, robotics and AI. That provides the foundation for many new business ideas in future.
The ultra-fast 5G network was only introduced worldwide in 2019, but this mobile technology and its benefits for customers and businesses set the focus of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2020. The motto of the congress, taking place together with a specialist trade fair, is ‘Limitless Intelligent Connectivity’. That sums up what is so exciting about 5G.

5G is used for data exchange, i.e. communication between people and machines and between different machines. The latest generation in mobile communications replaces LTE, 3G and 4G networks. The new tech standard provides considerable additional acceleration to the digital transformation compared to 4G LTE services.

The new 5G transfer speeds are helping promising new technologies to break through. Key to Industry 4.0, for example, are the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, blockchain and artificial intelligence. In this way, 5G will make major changes to business as we know it today.