Digital twins – doubling the potential for innovation


Minimising failure rates, shortening development cycles and ensuring your products can be built – the technology behind digital twins can do it all for your business.

Many businesses are already well accustomed to using digital models for example in manufacturing. CAD (computer-aided design) helps in the development of products, while design reviews allow you to comprehensively and systematically examine designs to ensure they meet all your requirements.

Both applications allow you to test systems, equipment and products long before manufacturing begins. But digital twins come into play when products are being used. They are virtual representations of products or systems and they enable you to run through steps in production and the associated supply chains in digital processes.

Through the IoT we know that the benefit of linking the real to the digital world like this is obvious: customised investigations and tests can be done without too much financial input, resources or manpower. Prototypes don’t need to be made and you no longer need to spend lots of time identifying faults after commissioning. The software solutions you need can simply be purchased from the Cloud and professional service providers can implement them.